Common car repair scams to avoid

Car maintenance is very significant for you as the owner of the vehicle. You need to hire a reputable mechanic whom you can trust with your asset. Finding a good mechanic can be a hassle, and when you get them, you will want to keep them for as long as you have the car. While some auto repairs shops are honest, there are still others who are dishonest and always intent to rip off money from the customers. Car owners get convinced by unethical mechanics that their vehicle needs unnecessary repairs just because the average person lacks knowledge about their vehicle. To help you not to be a victim of car maintenance scams, below are the common repairs scams you should avoid.

Dirty air filter scam

One of the most dominant car repair scams is the dirty air filter. It mostly happens when you take your vehicle for repair or regular maintenance and then the mechanic tells you that you have a filthy air filter on your car. If you ask for the dirty filter, you may be shown a dirty filter to convince you. The mechanic will tell you that the filter is dirty and needs to be replaced. Don’t be easy to get convinced. Ensure the filter you are seeing is the one from your car by checking your vehicle itself. Moreover, you also need to know when your filters may require replacement. You can change your cabin air filters yourself after every 15,0000 miles.

Oil change scam

It happens when you take your car to a mechanic for an oil change. At times, the technician can decide to make the simple task of changing the oil to look complicated. When you go for such upgrades, be suspicious if the mechanic starts bringing a list of recommended upgrades when your vehicle was running fine. The mechanic may tell you that your car needs premium oil which you need to approve before it can be used. Due to the complexity of the problems being explained, you may not understand them, yet they are expensive to fix. You need to avoid such mechanics since their aim is to rip off you unnecessarily. Ensure you find a reputable mechanic who has the necessary credentials.

While you were away scam

It is one of the most expensive scams. You take your vehicle to a mechanic for inspection due to some signs that are unfamiliar to you. You, therefore, ask the mechanic to inspect the vehicle and get back to you after ascertaining the problem. However, you come back later only to receive massive charges expected from you. On inquiring about the issue that was solved, you will be told that your vehicle had a host of problems which were fixed in your absence. They may mention different parts of the car and purport to have fixed them. However, you should never pay for any service you didn’t authorize. A reputable garage does not do any work without written permission. Moreover, they can hold onto your car as a collateral security.

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